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Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way right up front. You have a property that you might be thinking about selling, and we might be interested in purchasing it from you. 

So first you need to get a feel for who we are and what we’re all about. And we need to understand a little (actually a lot) more about your property. Assuming all of this happens and we are all in agreement, we can go ahead and finalize an offer on the property and then swap your deed for our cash. Although the process is not always easy, it’s really as simple as that.


Just so you know, we’re super tech-y and have figured out lots of ways to manage this process with technology. We also realize that you may not be as comfortable all these with newfangled tools, and we’re cool with that. We’ll be happy to lead you through this process with as much or as little hand-holding as you prefer.

Due Diligence

Land purchase due diligence is the process of making sure the land you think you are buying as stated in your agreement matches the actual land that’s on the ground.

It is very important to evaluate a property carefully prior to purchasing for obvious reasons. Not every piece of land is suitable for every need. There are a wide variety of factors to consider such as location, size, terrain, views, tree cover, soil type, road access, build-ability, utilities, water, air & mineral rights, flooding & erosion potential, weather patterns, local ordinances, title encumbrances, tribal or burial sites, and it goes on.

So how do we look into all of these things? We’ve got a team of experts that will evaluate your land and compare its opportunities with other comparable properties in the area. This ensures we can provide a fair and competitive cash offer where both of us will be satisfied.

Due Diligence Research

Contract to Closing

Once the evaluation is complete, we’ll present you with a no-obligation cash offer. We pride ourselves on making quick land sale offers that are fair and transparent.

Once you accept our offer, our team will administer all of the necessary paperwork, and will coordinate with a local title company or attorney to make sure the process is smooth and seamless. It’s amazing how many weird things pop up during the closing process, but don’t worry – we’ll lead you through everything. We will keep you informed throughout, ensuring transparency. We will agree on a target closing date – we can close most transactions in 7-10 days.

Once paperwork is finalized, we close quickly, and the deed is filed with the local County Clerk. You’ll have received your cash payment by this point, and with it the realization that your headaches over this property are over!

Show me the Money!

So you’ve gotten all your money out of that property…congratulations! So now what are you going to do with it?

Pay off those Debts – In these challenging times, credit card debt can feel like a heavy chain holding you back. Ease the stress of mounting debt with your land sale proceeds. Financial Freedom has a nice ring to it…

Pay Yourself Back – Replenish your emergency fund and drill down into that honey-do list. Financial security goes a long way to boosting your confidence and helps to maintain calm emotions in the face of uncertainty.

Pay for College – Education opportunities for your kids are not cheap. Set them up for a solid future with a healthy College Fund. Or, what’s stopping you from taking your impact to the next level with additional education?



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